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Popping the insem cherry.

Posted in Insem stories, Share your Experience by Dresden on May 19, 2007

My very first insem…seems like it was two hundred years ago. It was, however, two long years ago. I recently pulled out the journal that I had started at the very beginning of this process to become a Mother. I was all moon-eyed and hopeful back then. I wrote most of the entries as if they would be gifted to my future offspring. Once I reached my 7th IUI the rose colored glasses came off and I stopped writing in the journal and unleashed all of my “creative energy” into my writing in my blog.

But I kind of miss that hopeful gal: the woman that planned what she would wear the night before her insems and found meaning in every single song that played on the radio on the way to the clinic.

In the comments section please share your own 1st insem story. Or, if you have a blog, feel free to post a link to where you write about it. Other topics such as picking a donor, cycles on clomid, the 1st failed cycle, having an HSG exam will be discussed soon.


April 30, 2005

I’m in the lobby of the clinic. Any moment now I will get called back. I am trying to be calm & positive. I just can’t articulate how excited I am that today could be the very beginning of you!

It’s a Saturday and the clinic is quiet and empty. It feels like I am going to school on a weekend: familiar, but weird. There were two other women in the lobby when I first got here. My turn should be next. Your Grandmother is with me and she keeps rubbing and scratching my back. I am SO nervous.


The procedure (it sounds so clinical to call it that, we will have to come up with another name) was just like having a medical exam. I rested on crisp, white paper on an exam table. A pink, cotton sheet covered my legs and Dr. D____ shined a light so she could see what she was doing. Before she began she showed me a tube of sperm. I had to sign my name to verify that it was the one I picked for you. Dr. D____ let me hold the tube in my hands to warm it. I wanted to speak to the little sperm inside the tube,wish them a safe and successful journey.

Dr. D_____ collected the tube back from me and drew up the contents into a syringe. She connected the syringe to a thin, long straw. She then threaded the straw inside of me and when she reached the right spot she pushed the syringe plunger and released the sperm inside of me.

I could feel my cheeks flush with excitement. How marvelous that you are being made right now!


So how about you. What was your first insem like?