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Sometimes we all get a little crazy.

Posted in Crazy Stories, Share your Experience by Dresden on May 30, 2007

In cleaning up for an out of town guest this weekend I did some light dusting of my bookshelves. As I ran my white-gloved (heh) finger over the books I noticed that most of my non-fiction selection is comprised of books telling me the secrets to getting knocked up. I have at least a dozen books. Through the aid and endorsement of these books I have done some crazy things.

I have given up coffee, gone back on coffee, given up meat, given up dairy, taken up eating ice cream, given up orgasms, gone back to orgasms, given up exercise, taken up power walking, consumed 345 raw pineapples, sipped 450 thousand cups of green tea, prayed to God, cursed at God, considered that there may not be a God, went to church, stopped going to church, read books, wanted to burn books, took my temperature, tossed my thermometer, gazed at my female bits, shared my female bits with 620 thousand RE’s and RE’s in training, gained weight, gained follicles, lost follicles, politicized my ovaries, hated my ovaries, lit candles, built a shrine, tried to call forth spirits, dreamed about babies, dreamed about dead relatives, and I have developed a freakish attachment to on-line astrology sites.

Trying to get knocked up can make you crazy.

What crazy things have you done in the name of procreation?